We hope all our fans and friends are coping as best they can during these trying times.  The 24 hour news cycle although informative can be a little more than depressing; sometimes you gotta give your mind a break. Listen to some music,read a book,binge watch your favorite shows,call a friend or family member,clean out that area of your place you've been meaning to get to (I'm ignoring this one),count your blessings and realize a whole ton of folks are in the same boat.  Be as positive as you can., because bad times don't last forever, it just seems that way.



  “Stan Martin is a keeper of the traditional country music flame. He’s a Don Rich/Danny Gatton-schooled Telecaster-loving guitar picker, a virtuoso who is not a showoff. And he’s a skilled writer and musician who is unabashedly, unapologetically country”. -  Rick Allen Vintage Guitar


"Stan Martin has been a fixture on the small but authentic Boston Country Music scene for over a decade. His tasty blend of southern rock and Bakersfield twang is kind of what you'd get if you blended the early Eagles with Telecaster ace Danny Gatton. It's got a California flair and an east coast swagger and it's good...damn good."-The Fallout Shelter


Please follow this link to preview the latest album:

Stan Martin-Long Nights


 photo courtesy:Faiham Ebnar Sharif